SG100 - Spingenix


Spingenix SG100 is a fully automated electrospinning system for laboratory research applications.

Brief Explanation

The SG 100  is a easy to use, single-nozzle electrospinning unit, designed for small scale production of nanofiber. The protected cabined avoids any danger which may be caused by high voltage or solvent vapor. The model is included in Spingenix Scale Up Program, allows for users upgrading their devices to more advanced models.

Unique Properties

  • Easy to use practical control via touch screen panel
  • High throughput production with special single nozzle
  • Flat collector for nanofiber deposition

Optional Accessories

Different Diameter Needles

Electrospinning needles with the following diameters: (13G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G).

Coaxial Nozzle

Special Designed Coaxial Nozzle To Produce Core-Shell, Hollow And Bi-Component Nanofibers
Custom Sizes Available (e.g. Inner Diameter: 0,8 mm, Outer Diameter: 1,6 mm) And An Extra Syringe Pump

Shelf System

Shelf System To Organize Accessories And Extra Components Inside The Cabin

Climate Controlled Chamber

Fully automated and GUI-integrated
Cooling/Heating 15°C-45°C
+/- 1C Siemens PLC PID control
Humidity Control 20%-50%Rh
+/- 2%Rh Siemens PLC PID control

Rotating Mandrel Collector

6 mm diameter rotating shaft collectors for tubular nanofiber membrane production.

Bio Sterilization

Deep Ultraviolet Light To Sterilize The Cabin For Bio-Compatible Nanofiber Production

Fiber Curing

Fiber Curing System While Producing Nanofibers

Taylor Cone Imaging System

USB Controlled Camera, Objective Lens And Mounts
Close Monitoring Of The Taylor Cone In Real Time To Allow Discovering Underlying Mechanisms

Extended Warranty

Standard Systems Come With 1 Year Warranty.
In Addition, It Is Possible To Cover Machine With Extended Warranty.
Annual Maintenance Contract