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Tens of Nanometers

Tens of nanometers. By reducing food waste; Innovative packaging technologies designed to reduce food spoilage and increase shelf life are of great importance. Nanotechnology is also widely used in the development of food packaging. Thanks to the properties of biodegradability that can be integrated into packaging developed with nanotechnology methods, environmental damage can be reduced compared to packaging based on petrochemicals.

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The packaging and systems designed must be practical, economical and easy to use in industry. The solution-blown spinning process shows promise in the production of nanofibers in view of ease of use in industry, low cost, and the ability to produce with biodegradable materials. In this study, the aim was to produce and identify nanofibers that were added to the biodegradable component containing polylactic acid (PLA) by solution blown spinning processes. As a bioactive substance, the essential oil was obtained from the combination of red pepper, cumin and black pepper according to the Clavenger mechanism. Nanofibers were produced by adding 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% of PLA amount to PLA solution for use in nanofiber production.

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After preparing nanofibers, the average diameter of nanofibers containing essential oil and PLA was measured to obtain information about their morphological properties through SEM analysis. It was found that the essential oil is homogeneously dispersed in the nanofiber structure and has a smooth texture. The average fiber diameter in PLA-based nanofibers is 71.15 nm and in essential oil nanofibers between 58.17 and 107.35 nm.

nanometers to tens of micrometers spectrum

The surface roughness of the nanofibers was analyzed by AFM analysis and similar results were observed by SEM analysis. In order to determine the thermal properties of the nanofibers produced, the glass transition, crystallization and melting temperatures of the nanofibers were first determined using DSC analysis. It has been found that the crystallization temperature decreases as the essential oil concentration increases.

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As noted in other studies in the literature, the results of the TGA analysis showed that the addition of essential oil increased the thermal stabilization of nanofibers. The water solubility of nanofibers was analyzed and it was found that when essential oil was added, the water solubility of nanofibers increased between 4 and 18 mg/L. When measuring the antioxidant activity using the DPPH reduction method, it was found that the essential oil in nanofibers has an antioxidant activity ranging from 26 to 40%, depending on the increase in concentration. PLA-based nanofibers have been found to have 4% antioxidant activity.

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As the world’s most innovative and environmentally friendly packaging techniques; Studies on the use and development of biodegradable polymers instead of petroleum-based plastics, reducing the use of artificial preservatives by using natural protective agents in packaging materials, and developing materials for nanotechnology packaging to achieve a much more effective protective structure. . The use of nanomaterials in food packaging applications is one of the innovative applications.

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Polymers with different properties can be nano-sized to obtain new properties (Echegoyen et al., 2016). The polymers used can be biodegradable, providing a suitable alternative in view of the environmental impact associated with packaging.

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Many polymers with biodegradable properties are preferred in the production of nanofibers. Polylactic acid is more preferred because it can be easily produced from natural sources, dissolves in soil in a short time, and has good mechanical and thermal properties.

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Electrospinning is the most common method for producing nanofibers. Although there are many studies in the literature due to the low yield of nanofibers and high production costs, their industrial use is limited. Solution blow spinning is a new process used to produce nanofibers from polymer solutions.

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This process is a suitable alternative to the electrospinning process due to the simple production structure, the high production volume of nanofibers and, above all, the low production costs.

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In the light of research, it was found that nanofibers containing bioactive components are effective against microorganisms that degrade the surface of food and improve their shelf life by not altering the sensory properties of food. Although the use of nanotechnological methods in food preservation is limited, there are promising developments in this context.