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Symatix ®: Artificial Amniotic Membrane Layer

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The Electrospinning Business is creating the Symatix ® membrane layer which is a cutting-edge artificial amniotic membrane layer alternative. The membrane layer is developed making use of electrospinning innovation as well as is made to get over the constraint of the Human Amniotic Membrane Layer (PORK).

“To obtain a membrane layer that gets rid of all the drawbacks as well as has all the benefit of the amniotic membrane layer, is the divine grail we have actually been searching for.”

Prof. Harminder Dua

Human Amniotic Membrane Layer (PORK) is an usual item made use of for dealing with a number of eye surface area problems within ophthalmology and also various other injury recovery applications. In spite of being the present gold criterion, the failing price of pork is in between 33-44%1.

Pork is acquired from optional caesarean clients as well as calls for considerable centers for post-processing, as well as storage space. Additionally, using pork calls for strict serology examinations of benefactors, an unique human cells certificate and also comprehensive traceability actions. Every one of which increases healthcare prices as well as tests the availability of therapy to patients.To make certain that the

Symatix Membrane layer manages well in the center and also provides the necessary efficiency, we are functioning carefully with world-leading specialists in ophthalmology. Teacher Dua as well as Dr Sangwan have actually belonged to the Symatix Membrane layer advancement from the beginning.Professor of Ophthalmology and also Visual Sciences, Professors of Medication &

Health And Wellness Sciences Supervisor of Technology at Shroff’s Charity Healthcare facility, New Delhi, India Symatix ® is the

signed up profession mark of The Electrospinning Business Limited in the

UK.We would certainly value your assistance collecting details concerning the variety of amniotic membrane layer(AM )systems made use of per

month.What motivated us to check out more is that some records assert that a great deal of AM is made use of, yet if we speak to independent facilities,

the real usage does not straighten with this number. We would certainly be happy if you might invest 5 mins of your time to finish this study to sustain our cutting-edge job. 1– Rahman, I., Said, D., Maharajan, V. et al. Amniotic membrane layer in ophthalmology: indicators and also restrictions. Eye 23, 1954– 1961 (2009 )

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