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Multinozzle electrospinning

SpingenixElectrospinningMultinozzle electrospinning

Multinozzle electrospinning. The Electrospinning Unit is an electrospinning device that allows the production of nanofibers for academic and industrial studies. Thanks to the L-type design, the nanofibers can be made both horizontally and vertically. In order to modify the formation of nanofibers and the diameter of the fibers, the high voltage supply can be adjusted between 0 and 25 kV. The distance between nozzle tip and collector plate/drum (y-axis) is adjustable. A nozzle diameter between 0.2 mm and 1 mm may be preferred.

By default, 3 drum collectors with a diameter of 10-20-30 mm are included in the device. The rotating drum of the collector can be easily changed depending on the desired diameter value. Depending on the order, different states of aggregation of nanofibers formed with different types of collectors can also be achieved. Thanks to the rotating collection drum with adjustable speed, the orientation of the nanofibers can be controlled according to the process parameters.

Multinozzle electrospinning

Thanks to the movable and stationary rotation modes, the nanofibers can be collected and formed on a rotating collection drum or on a stationary collection plate if desired. In Motion Rotation mode, the amount and speed of nozzle movement along the x-axis can be adjusted.

The control cabinet is galvanically isolated and all safety points are observed. If the cabinet door is opened, the voltage is cut off and the process is stopped and no danger is allowed. Thanks to all of these features, it is possible to fabricate nanofibers with different diameters and orientations at different voltages, collector rotation speeds, nozzle speeds/travel ranges, and spacing values.

Electrospinning machine

Spinnix is ​​a standalone device for fabricating nanofiber membranes by solution spinning. It uses compressed air to create nanofibers from a polymer solution. The polymer solution is fed to the nozzle by a syringe pump, then compressed air propels the polymer solution from the tip of the nozzle to the manifold. The solvent evaporates and the polymer fibers form a fleece on the collector. The high production speed (15-20 ml/h per nozzle) and the safety make this technique suitable for the production of nanofibers. The device offers flexible research options through its parameterization and suitability for a wide variety of spin solutions.

This product is a modified version of the Spinnex series, designed and manufactured by Spinnex. Spinnix is ​​a solution blower system with additional high voltage power supply. The power supply alternately creates a positive and negative charge from the nozzle and sensor, creating an electric field in the rotating chamber between the nozzle and sensor. When electric field and compressed air are used together, it can be used as an electric blower, when each of them is used alone, it can be used as a solution blowing or electrospinning system.

This modified version of the Spinnix series offers the advantages of better control of the fiber diameter distribution and increased homogeneity of the generated nanofiber structure thanks to the electric field. In addition, a humidity control unit manufactured by Arca can be connected to the Spinnix machine to control the relative humidity in the fiber production chamber.

Spinnix L1.0 was developed to meet the needs of the technical textile industry, such as: B. conventional nanofiber structures and microfibers for use in new applications. The manufactured nanofiber structures can be used in areas such as filter materials, biomedical skeletons and blankets, tissue engineering materials, energy storage components (electrodes, separators).

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