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Anti-Oxidant Food Supplement

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Anti-Oxidant Food Supplement

Cornell University researchers produce complex nanofibrous webs using electrospinning technique for the purpose of orally fast-dissolving antioxidant food supplement. Curcumin was totally preserved without any loss during the electrospinning process. The aqueous solutions of curcumin/HP-β-CyD and curcumin/HP-γ-CyD were yielded uniform fiber morphology with ~200 nm and ~900 nm average fiber diameter, respectively. Curcumin is a natural bioactive compound with poor water-solubility, however, the phase solubility test and dissolution/disintegration tests (water and artificial saliva) revealed that the water-solubility of curcumin was prominently improved.


Asli Celebioglu, Tamer Uyar, “Fast-dissolving antioxidant curcumin/cyclodextrin inclusion complex electrospun nanofibrous webs,” Food Chemistry, Volume 317, 2020, 126397, ISSN 0308-8146,

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